Book Your Tandem Flight (open all year long)

Paragliding is one of the easiest and safest ways to fly as a passenger with a valid tandem pilot or learning it by your self under a skilled, experienced and well-educated instructor. In Albania the best areas for a tandem or solo flight are Vlora (650m) and Llogara (870m) but also in Korça, Berat and Gjirokastra as well for the whole duration of the year. The Take-Off and Landing procedures are smooth and the gliding speed is about 35-40 km/h. The pilot opens the paraglider on the ground at Take-Off, after controlling the meteorological conditions. He performs the classical check-up list including the necessary explanation to the passenger and finally both pilot and passenger, attached together with their harnesses and paraglider begin to run few steps until the paraglider climbs correctly above the head and takes them in air. The passenger sits comfortably to his harness enjoying the view and this great experience while the pilot controls the flight direction and other details. Before touching down at the Landing area, the pilot explains again the procedure to his passenger, then prepare for the final approach to a safe and happy landing. Age +14 years old with an official permission of the parents.