Learn to Fly (1th April – 31th October)

Paragliding is one of the easiest and safest ways to fly as a passenger with a valid tandem pilot or learning it by your self under a skilled, experienced and well-educated instructor. Flying with a paraglider is not just a sport activity but first of all it must be a serious decision before learning to fly. As in many other fields of our life, the dangers comes from us: neglecting rules, behaving irresponsibly, under estimation of conditions or equipment, lack of self-control or knowledge, low level of concentration, skills, training, learning, listening and understanding. If you have one of these issues, following our school, rules and principles is impossible. Before you decide to learn paragliding, ask your self why (?) and try to understand your individual profile and specificity.Paragliding is both individual and collective pleasure and responsibility. We fly for our happiness and well-being, enjoying the nature and the air with each-other and thus we begin to be really good friends sharing same passions, knowledge and principles. It shouldn’t exist bad ego feelings among pilots! Before you decide to learn at our school, we must show you a series of video accidents and to provide you with all the right information about the multiple risks and the great benefits of this sport that must be performed safely. The course duration is about 2-3 weeks of theoretical and practical daily exercise on a flat ground under the strict supervision of a proper instructor and equipment. After this phase, the instructor takes the student into another terrain with a certain angle of incidence in which the student under radio communication can make his very first short flights of 10-20 seconds, serving as the final step of training before the first flight. If he passes the necessary mid-term exams (theory and practice), the instructor will take him in a tandem flight in a higher mountain and the same day the student may be ready (if he feels ready!) to make the first real flight. After 15-20 flights the student has to pass the final exam. But, 15, 20 or even 50 flights are not sufficient at all to be an independent pilot. As far as you are a student, you fly always under the instructor presence and supervision until you will be able to fly independently from his instructor. Don’t forget that we never stop learning and perfecting our skills and knowledge. Fly happy and safe landings! Age +14 years old with an official permission of the parents.